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Bahntechnik Brand-Erbisdorf GmbH

Bahntechnik Brand-Erbisdorf GmbH is a modern, medium-size steel processing enterprise with an approx. 100-strong workforce operating within the "Railway Wheels and Wheelsets".

Located in the Freiberg district, in the foreland of Germany's Erzgebirge mountains, we feel a close association with the town of Brand-Erbisdorf and its people through a manufacturing tradition that dates back over many years. Here you will find information about the structure, history, product range and philosophy of our autonomously operating company. Our partners are situated mainly in Germany, as well as across Europe.

We produce open die forgings, wheelset axles, other smooth and stepped shafts, disks and seamless precision-rolled rings for a broad spectrum of customers with exacting requirements.

We manufacture to customer specification and offer our customers intelligent, dedicated solutions.