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Guiding Principle

We keep your stock rolling.

  • With our expertise and experience we produce safe, high-quality rail vehicle components and seamless rings for our customers.
  • Our products have a technological edge, thus securing the future of the Railway Systems business unit.

Our activities are geared at all times toward the success of the Railway Systems business unit.

  • We work at independent locations toward a common goal.
  • We use the core competencies at our locations collectively.
  • We face the customer as one unit, supplying single-source solutions.

Commercial success is our objective. We supply products of the highest quality, throughout the world, to international standards.

  • We support our customers promptly, competently and reliably.
  • Customer-driven research and development and constant innovation ensure our market leadership.

We lead with corporate initiative and social responsibility.

  • We make our decisions swiftly, responsibly and objectively.
  • We draw upon the knowledge and experience of our employees and involve them in decision-making processes.
  • We work together in mutual appreciation and in a spirit of openness and constructive criticism.

Dedicated, expert employees are our strong asset.

  • Ongoing qualification, continuous training, and the resourcefulness of our employees assure the success of the Railway Systems business unit.
  • We have high performance expectations, promote the creative potential of each workforce member, and offer suitable opportunities for personnel development.
  • We operate an employee profit-sharing scheme, according to fair and transparent rules.

We optimise our productivity and working conditions through continual improvement of our processes, operating procedures and production facilities. We are eco-friendly and efficient in the use of resources.

  • We utilise energy, water and raw materials sparingly.
  • We ensure on-the-job safety and foster the health of our employees.

We secure our future through training and promotion of young talent.

We are proud of our tradition.

  • We excel through many years of experience, diversity of products and their continuous development.
  • We stand by our regional responsibility.


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