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Quality and environmental policy of Bahntechnik Brand-Erbisdorf GmbH

The management of Bahntechnik Brand-Erbisdorf GmbH assumes the quality- and environment-orientated responsibility for products, activities, services and processes.

In particular, it is imperative to implement the following principles:

  1. It is our aim to provide to all customers convincing and technically competent advice and support for their decisions. We consider each order as a particular challenge and as a service mission for each of our customers.
  2.  We give priority to highest quality, flexibility, experience and specific know-how for the execution of all jobs, associated with an internal and external order processing on schedule.
  3.  The benchmark for the quality of our work and services is determined by the customer. His assessment is decisive for our market position.
  4.  We are committed to complying with the order planning and execution of the relevant environmental regulations and requirements, so as to avoid pollution or to reduce them to a minimum.
  5.  We provide the necessary resources, above all through properly qualified expert staff, to guarantee high-quality and environmentally compatible production and services.
  6.  Each staff member is responsible for the high-quality and environmentally compatible execution of his tasks as well as for the development of his technical knowledge.
  7.  By working closely with contractors and suppliers the common ability for mutual benefit and to act in the interests of environmental protection shall be continuously improved.
  8.  We feel committed to the protection of our environment and to the economical utilization of the natural resources.
  9.  Continual critical assessment and verification of customer satisfaction as well as of our internal processes lead to perfection of our performances and help preventing and avoiding errors.
  10.  We are committed to the continual improvement of the management system with the integrated quality and environmental components, and thus secure our market position.