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Our Market

Our products and services are as diverse as the markets are complex. They fulfil a whole spectrum of requirements.

Renowned and internationally leading wheelset manufacturers come to us to meet their wheelset axle and component needs. We are the foremost makers of wheelset axles in Europe. The axles are precision-forged on a long forging machine or open-die forged under forging hammers, for instance for heavy locomotives or as flanged shafts for driven wheelsets. Our axles are used worldwide in high-speed trains, metro systems, electric multiple-unit railcars, freight wagons, and light rail and tramway systems.

We produce shaped parts and stepped shafts in our open-die forging plant, and seamless precision-rolled rings in our ring rolling mill, for a broad range of customers who have sophisticated and exacting requirements. Our customers use these components in

  • heavy-duty vehicles,
  • gear manufacturing,
  • engine building,
  • construction machinery,
  • wind turbine generators,
  • defence engineering,
  • power generating plant and equipment,
  • printing presses,
  • shipbuilding, etc.

Our products have proven themselves on every continent around the globe. They shape developments that, first and foremost, have future-viable, resource-saving and ecofriendly solutions in common.